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Taxi Tales

By Leonard Melfi
date of presentation
November 1 - 10, 1986
November 1986
Ticket PRice

Director: Sandhano Schultze

"Like a hot stale blast on the sidewalk from a Manhattan subway grating."

Taxi Tales is going to transport you to a late night ... very late night ... downtown. Whether that downtown is New York's Fifth Avenue or Thurlow just off Robson no one can be quite sure. One thing is certain, you'll never look at a cab the same way after Taxi Tales.

"In the fight for their dreams these cabbies have forgotten something -- Life! Real life starts where dreams are ending. Compassion appears when the endless reality makes you naked. This is when magic happens. Life is right here and now, live in it! It is more exciting than any dream." - Sandhano Schultze

Tripper: Sunder Kushad
Daddy: Robert Wilson
Lovely: Karen N. Cantelon
Mommy: Lynn Johnson
Mandy: Nicola Perrin

Assistant Director: Gillian Maxwell
Sound Designer: Steve Lipp
Lighting Designer: Steve Chan