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[elephants] collective
date of presentation
7 May 2021
May 2021
Ticket PRice
Free; Registration required
Michaela Mar from TELETHON TELETHON #1

Pi Provocateurs presents TELETHON TELETHON, a long-term online performance experiment by Toronto's [elephants] collective. It's a project committed to labour exchange, mutual aid, and being creative on a monthly basis with no discernible end.  

Live-streaming a brand new show each month, [elephants] will be taking donations for a featured organization during the streams in order to raise a grand total of:


They're going to keep going every month until they raise this impressive sum, or until the wheels fall off!

This very special edition is made just for Pi's audience and is scheduled for early evening on Friday May 7. This means you can kick back and have some fun with TELETHON TELETHON before heading out for your evening run (or whatever it is you do these days).

In the spirit of Telethon Telethon, Pi Theatre is not charging admission to see this Vancouver edition, but we will gratefully accept donations on behalf of the Aboriginal Front Door Society. AFDS is a culturally safe, peer-designed, non-judgmental place for Aboriginal Peoples and their friends and family in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. Aboriginal Front Door Society

Run Time: 45 minutes
Friday May 7 at 7pm PST

The show will be broadcast via YouTube. Please click our free ticket link to register.

If, for some reason, you can't catch the live-stream on Friday, register and get your link anyway. We'll be recording the show and keeping it up "on demand" until Tuesday May 11, complete with accessibility captioning!

ABOUT [elephants] collective

[elephants] collective originated out of an emerging artist creation residency facilitated by Theatre Passe Muraille (The Elephants in the Room Creation Lab, 2013). This initial group was constructed as a gesture towards TPM’s collective roots and provided the selected artists two residencies at the theatre, the second of which resulted in the first draft of A Wake for Lost Time. The show was eventually produced in its intended 24 hour durational format. A Wake for Lost Time was scheduled for a live Pi Provocateurs showing in Vancouver before the pandemic made travel associated with arts touring impossible.

Regardless of the project, certain [elephants] collective principles have always remained consistent:

  1. a mandate that experimental performance must express an experiment within the performance. The audience must be accounted for as an essential part of this
  1. commitment to dramaturgical rigour
  1. ongoing physical training

TELETHON TELETHON is performed and created by:
Ian Ball, Maïna Belray, Zev Mair, Michaela Mar, and Michael Reinhart.