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The National Transformations Project

Various Artists
date of presentation
20 Oct 2020 - 21 Jun 2021
June 2021
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Canadian playwright David Yee, artistic director of Fu-GEN Theatre Company, asks “What would it take to transform our society for the betterment of all?”

Pi presents three artists in the first batch of original short works in a new thought-provoking series produced by some of Canada’s most innovative performing artists.  From 20 October 2020, this series will be available free of charge to audiences all across the country.  The National Transformations Project will be an ongoing series of commissions from some of Canada’s most acclaimed live performance companies (through to the Spring of 2021).  It will launch with 20 original online works hosted by the National Arts Centre.  The short works include song, dance, poetry, and story, inspired by pressing social justice issues like Universal Basic Income, CERB, racial justice, #BLM, the climate emergency, access to mental health services, and more.  

The Transformations Project is overseen by a small steering committee comprised of the following arts leaders:

Catherine Bourgeois, Artistic Director of Joe, Jack et John, Montreal
Rhodnie Désir, Artistic Director of RD Créations, Montreal
Ross Manson, Artistic Director of Volcano, Toronto (Committee Chair)
Lori Marchand, Managing Director of NAC Indigenous Theatre, Ottawa
Pam Patel, Artistic Director of MT Space, Kitchener
Anita Rochon, Artistic Co-Director of The Chop, Vancouver

SPECIAL THANKS: The National Arts Centre; Steve Plummer and One Pebble Consulting, Scotland; and David Yee, artistic director of FuGen Theatre, for articulating the question that underlies this project.  Transformations is national in scope and ONGOING.  The first 20 pieces are available now.  Additional submissions will be added as they are produced and submitted to the committee.  The artworks can be accessed for free on the National Arts Centre’s website until 1 June 2021.

Cameron Peal - On the Cultural Fence
What does it mean to see both worlds, and desire both?  A quick take on how we operate through values in Canada.

Munish Sharma - What is Canadian Culture
A thought experiment done by friends and peers asking a question that is so often left ambiguous, but may help in navigating who we could become.

Libby Willoughby - The Cost of Care
The Cost of Care discusses the state of mental health care in Canada, and asks audiences to consider how their lives might be improved if cost were not a barrier to receiving that care.