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Truth & Lies

Pippa Mackie, Vishesh Abeyratne, Sebastien Archibald, Lucia Frangione
date of presentation
June 22 - 25
June 2023
Ticket PRice

June 22 - 25, 2023

The Vancouver Opera Rehearsal Space

With the rise of social media, partisan propaganda, and conspiracy theorists in the halls of government, it is little wonder that some have dubbed this the "post-truth" era. This new piece examines what it means to believe in something, in someone, in a world of Truth & Lies.

This collection of 3 short plays and a complimentary VR narrative has been written by some of the brightest stars of the Canadian playwrighting scene. See the familiar like never before as you journey through four interwoven stories based on Shakespeare's immortal tale of deceit and trust, Othello.

The experience takes place in the Rehearsal Hall of the Vancouver Opera providing a gilded backdrop to an evening of gilded words. All pieces will use the same 4 actors and creative team to ensure a captivating and fully realized vision. More details on the individual pieces to follow!

Featuring: Carmel Amit, Kwasi Thomas, Manuela Sosa, and Robert Garry Haacke

Playwrights: Pippa Mackie (VR), Vishesh Abeyratne, Sebastien Archibald, and Lucia Frangione

Directed by: Richard Wolfe, Jordan Watkins (VR)

Assistant Director & Producer: Libby Willoughby

Stage Manager: Jasmin Sandhu

Lighting Designer: Jacob Wan

Sound Designer & Composer: David Mesiha

Costume Designer: Julie Edgeley

Sound tech for the VR: Dwayne Morgan

The VR film was produced with the co-operation of the Union of B.C. Performers.

Where: The Vancouver Opera - 1955 McLean drive

When: June 22 - 25, 2023.

Showtimes: June 22, 23, 24 @ 8pm. June 24 & 25 @ 4pm.

Tickets: $35

*if cost is a barrier for you, please use the code TLDISCOUNT at checkout for $15 off of your tickets. If that is not a workable solution for you, please contact Libby at libby@pitheatre.com and she'll be happy to help.

Tickets will be available soon! Check back here and keep an eye on our social media (@pi.theatre) for more information.

Warnings: While the VR is not mandatory (you can opt out of viewing), VR can cause motion sickness. As this is a roving piece, the audience will remain standing. If you require a seat please let us know and we will arrange one for you. The pieces feature strong language, themes of violence, and content which is sexual in nature. If you have questions about specific content warnings, please contact Libby via email at libby@pitheatre.com.