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Black & Rural - 2024 Tour

Shayna Jones
date of presentation
Spring + Fall 2024
Ticket PRice

Black & Rural is going back on the road this Spring! Come find us visiting a community near you, grab your tickets by visiting the websites of our host theatres:

March 21 - 23, 2024: Intrepid Theatre, Victoria B.C.

April 4, 2024: Venables Theatre, Oliver B.C.

April 6, 2024: Key City Theatre, Cranbrook B.C.

April 11, 2024: Capitol Theatre, Nelson B.C.

April 13, 2024: Showcasing @ Pacific Contact, Kelowna B.C.

September 25 - 29: MTSpace, Kitchener ON.

November 20 - 22: the Tarragon Extraspace, presented by Dance Immersion, Toronto ON.

November 23: Adinkra Farm, ON.

“Spell-binding. Black & Rural awakens a deep-seated longing in many of us who live busy, noisy, urban lives and wonder why we live the way we do. One life. No rewind.” -Jo Ledingham

Black & Rural is the story of a lone Black country woman struggling to defy the monolith of what matters to Black lives. Derived from dozens of real-life interviews with Black folk tucked away on the countryside across Canada, Shayna Jones weaves together a story of vulnerability, quiet triumph, and striking humanity. The show features Shayna's unique storytelling voice, interspersed with new folkloric tales and verbatim reflections from her interviewees.

"Pi Theatre has brought to the stage an exceptionally important piece of art ...Black & Rural puts forward timeless tales and fresh perspectives." - Stir Vancouver

"Thank you Shayna for sharing your beautiful story and wondrous performance of a lifetime. It was sheer energy to witness your stunning performance ... Amazing work! We were spellbound." - Beth Ringdahl

Written, performed, and created by Shayna Jones

Featuring voice-over performances by: Tom Pickett, Omari Newton, Kwasi Thomas, Giselle Carke-Trenaman, Ivy Charles, Britney Buren, and Mariam Barry

Directed by Richard Wolfe

Lighting Design: Brad Trenaman

Set Design & Costume Consultant: Cecilia Vadala

Sound Design & Composition: Rufus Cappadocia

Movement Director: Amber Barton

Stage Manager: Kayleigh Sandomirsky

Tour Stage Manager: Maria Zarrillo

Dramaturg: Angela Konrad

Producer: Libby Willoughby

Production Manager/Technical Director: Alexander Forsyth

ADVISORY INFORMATION: Black + Rural is drawn from the true stories of Black Canadians, and explores their lived experiences with frankness and grace. This show features strong language. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to info@pitheatre.com.

Run time: 65 minutes, no intermission.

Shayna Jones, a black woman with dark hair, sits on the ground. She is wrapped up in the roots of a tree made of rope, and has a mischievous smirk on her face. Photo credit: Sarah Race Photography.

About the Artist

"I live in the rural mountains of British Columbia and have the privilege of being a full time mother to three incredible children. Motherhood is my deepest work.  Though I often fail, I endeavour to live deeply, truthfully, simply, and beautifully. My work as a performance artist, and specifically as a Storyteller of African and African Diasporic Folklore, is woven into this endeavour. It is an extremely life giving, creative practice. Discovering, shaping and sharing tales keeps me steeped in the awareness of our common humanity; of our deeply threatened need for slowed-down, unplugged, heart to heart connection with one another and with the world around us; and of our inherent orientation toward something deep and divine. In short, as I experience it,  Storytelling is a deeply spiritual act. It is not only a way of communing with others, it is a way of reaching out to God my Creator, to my ancestors, and to the Mothers that went before me. It is my way of coming Home. If I am so blessed, I will share tales until I am buried in the ground. And perhaps even thereafter. What a glorious thing that will be."

- Shayna Jones, we are STORYFOLK

"Shayna Jones…can only be described as a force of nature. She’s a river, pent-up behind a dam, that upon bursting leaves us devastated." — Lilian Jasper, Two Cents Two Pence Reviews

Shayna Jones, a black woman with dark hair, stands in a snowy forested area holding a tall walking staff. With one hand, she gestures up towards the sky. She appears to be speaking. Photo credit: Louis Bockner.

Cover Image by Keely O'Brien